Launch A Business in Less Than a Day!

& run it for $12 a month | taught by Dr. Michael Glock

Course description

Do you have an idea for a product or service? Are you a therapist, life coach, trainer or herbalist? Then this $12 course is for you.

Learn how you don't need a website or domain to build a business in a day for less than $13 a month.

A lot less!

You'll get a detailed blueprint with step-by-step instructions and all the links to the resources you need to be successful in less than a day.

You'll learn how to

  1. Build a landing page
  2. Hook up a lightweight email marketing system and
  3. Implement an appointment system and
  4. Hook up an online payment system.

You'll be able to easily manage your online business from any smart phone or tablet while watching the money roll in from your course, webinar, product or service.

Who is this perfect for?

You are a clinical hypnotherapist and you've just graduated, or you are a psychologist or private chef or life coach. Maybe you are established and you've got all these systems but they are costly and clumsy. Spend $12 find out how easy the new systems are to use. Everything is built for the new mobile generation and you can run it all from your phone. Wow!

Even though it will take you less than an hour to go through the course we would suggest you dedicate yourself for a day to build your business. Sometimes you need to sleep and dream on the idea while implementing it, that's why we give you access for 30 days before the course expires.

Dr. Michael Glock
Dr. Michael Glock
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Course Curriculum

You Don't Need a Website Anymore!
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Step 2 Integrate a Lightweight Email Marketing System
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Step 3 Now let's hook up your appointment and payment system.
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Here's how you hook up the appointment system onto your Lead page™
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